June 4, 2023

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Tag: University of Kansas

Regents Names New KU Chancellor

The Kansas Board of Regents named Doug Girod as the 18th Chancellor of the University of Kansas Thursday. Girod is a…

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KU Police Wrap Up Investigation of Rape at Basketball Dorm, Refer to DA

As reported in the Daily Kansan, the University’s Public Safety Office has wrapped up its investigation into the alleged rape of…

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free speech

KU Research: Defending Free Speech Is Racist

People who adamantly defend free speech likely aren’t principled. They’re racist, according to research conducted at the University of Kansas.…

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Statistical Noise Crowds Kansas Tax Reform Study Findings

It’s almost a year old, but researchers posted to the Internet a study reviewing the impact of Kansas’s 2012 tax…

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Conceal carry

Kansas Universities to Purchase Metal Detectors

Three public Kansas universities will install metal detectors at some sporting events. The Kansas Board of Regents approved the plans…

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More Off-Court Problems for KU B-Ballers

The way things are going KU basketball players may be spending more time in court than on the court. The…

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