March 27, 2023

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More Off-Court Problems for KU B-Ballers

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KU basketball players have been cited as witnesses, persons of interest or suspects in separate cases involving drugs, rape, assault, battery and vandalism.

The way things are going KU basketball players may be spending more time in court than on the court. The Kansas City Star reports that two KU basketball players, Josh Jackson and Lagerald Vick, are persons “of interest” in the vandalism of an automobile in December.

Jackson, along with four of his teammates, was already cited as a potential witness to the alleged rape of a 16-year-old in KU basketball dorm in December.

Vick may be in even more hot water. A year ago a university tribunal recommended a two-year academic probation for his “likely” role in the beating and kicking of a female KU student. For reasons the university is not willing to discuss, he has not missed a game.

This same young woman is the one whose car was vandalized. It is not likely a coincidence. The damage was sufficient that the Lawrence PD has categorized the vandalism as a “felony.”

The basketball team is likely to be ranked #1 in the country after its defeat of #2-ranked Baylor on Wednesday. But the anticipated March “madness” may be undone by the madness of December.


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