July 20, 2024

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Tag: tax reform

Kansas has the most domestic migration loss among neighboring states

Kansas had the worst record in 2023 among bordering states on domestic migration, as more U.S. residents moved out-of-state than…

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Reforming Kansas Tax Policy: big economic boost and a $4.5 billion surplus

Kansas should follow the lead of neighboring states and enact sweeping tax relief and boost the economy next year, according…

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Kansas has lost 5,500 private-sector jobs in 2023, rest of the region gains

Kansas is the only state in the region that has lost private-sector jobs so far in 2023 according to statistics…

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Nebraska cuts income tax rates, leaving Kansas the highest in the region

The tax motto in Kansas — ‘we aren’t as bad as Nebraska’ — no longer applies now that Nebraska Governor Jim…

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Kansas loses population while neighboring states gain

Kansas is one of 18 states to see a decline in population between July 2021 and July 2022, according to…

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County commissioner says recall attempt is politically motivated

Sheridan County Commissioner Wes Bainter (R-Hoxie) says the recall attempt against him is politically motivated, and the allegations of wrongdoing…

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Wichita Biz Gives Employees Nation’s Largest Tax Cut Bonuses

Wichita Railway Services gave its five employees the highest tax cut bonuses in the nation, according to Americans for Tax Reform.…

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Foundation Predicts Jobs, Income Growth with Tax Reform Plans

The American Tax Foundation predicts Congressional tax reform plans would grow wages, add jobs, and increase GDP. The foundation’s projections are based…

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