June 16, 2024

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Tag: Shawnee City Council

Shawnee City Council members push back on staff departure complaints

A year ago, the Shawnee City Council was labeled “the only conservative-majority council in Johnson County.” Now that majority is…

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New Shawnee TIF: no developer but less money for schools

The Shawnee City Council has approved a new approach to Tax Increment Financing (TIF), one that doesn’t come with a…

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Shawnee City Council promotes fairness in women’s sports

Fairness in women’s sports is getting a boost from a Johnson County city. The Shawnee City Council overwhelmingly approved federal…

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Shawnee City Council overrules mayor, staff in property tax increase

A new conservative majority on the Shawnee City Council flexed its muscle and recently approved a cut of two mills…

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Shawnee voters reject community center tax increase

Shawnee voters overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to raise property taxes to fund a $38 million community center. The mail-in election…

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Olathe School District Quiet on Dismissal of Teacher/ City Councilman

The life as he knew of it Shawnee City Councilman/ Olathe East history teacher Justin Adrian, 33, came to a screeching…

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