February 25, 2024

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Shawnee City Council promotes fairness in women’s sports

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Fairness in women’s sports is getting a boost from a Johnson County city.

The Shawnee City Council overwhelmingly approved federal and state legislative priorities for 2023. Among the package of legislative goals in Topeka is a ban on transgender males competing against biological females in sports. From the city’s website:

Fairness in Women’s Sports

The City supports a bill to protect the fairness of women’s sports; we believe that all should have equal opportunities in sports but allowing biological males to compete in women’s only divisions is robbing girls of their opportunities at all levels.

After emotional debate on each side, the measure passed 7-1, with only Council Member Jill Chalfie opposing.

Similar legislation at the state level died the last two sessions as the Republican majority failed to override Governor Kelly’s vetoes of the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act.”

We reached out to each council member for comment. Only Eric Jenkins, who represents Ward 2, responded:

“To me, it is patently obvious that males, by makeup of their DNA, testosterone, and other biological makeup, will develop physical size, muscle strength, lung capacity, and other factors that give them a significant advantage when competing with females in competitive sports.  This is especially true when you have female athletes competing against male athletes.  Simply stated, that is incredibly unfair! A young woman who has dedicated herself to a sport from the time she was a small child and has risen to the pinnacle of excellence is robbed of everything she has striven for by a male athlete competing as a woman?

“Those in our society pushing for transgenders competing against women in sports are constantly citing science as their basis.  I must disagree.  The science on this matter does not support their argument.  I was appalled listening to the testimonials of those in opposition who represented women’s rights organizations.  Have they forgotten the enormous effort to get Title 9 into law to support female sports?  Biological males participating in female sports could destroy women’s sports.  Why would any young girl go through the many sacrifices that must be endured to become a serious competitor, only to have her efforts and dreams demolished by a biological male competitor?

“The transgender progressives who attended our city council meeting were adept at name-calling, labeling, misrepresenting basic facts, and using intimidating tactics.  The manner in which they presented themselves and their arguments did not serve them well.  I believe it is time to use our God-given common sense.”

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