February 24, 2024

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Tag: Schools for fair funding

Some districts still pay dues to Schools for Fair Funding

More than four years after the Kansas Supreme Court compelled school funding to be increased by more than $1 billion,…

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School boards still diverting money to Schools for Fair Funding

Kansas school districts continue to pump money into Schools for Fair Funding, a coalition of school districts that successfully sued…

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SFFF diverts $8.4 million from classrooms to pay lawyers

Kansas public school districts have paid more than $8.4 million in membership fees to Schools for Fair Funding (SFFF), an…

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Court rejects Kelly’s request to file school finance brief

The Kansas Supreme Court denied Gov. Laura Kelly’s request to file an amicus brief in the on-going school financing lawsuit…

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Plaintiffs to lawmakers: school funding increase falls short

Less than an hour after lawmakers adopted a school funding plan to add $90 million to public schools next year,…

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School districts demand $270 million more than Gov. Kelly proposes

Governor Laura Kelly and the Department of Education say about $90 million more is needed to comply with the Supreme…

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More money won’t end school funding litigation

Even if legislators give schools the extra $90 million per year that the Department of Education says is needed to…

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SFFF Lawyers Clean Up with $7M from Schools

School districts funneled more than $7 million in taxpayer funding to attorneys who sued the state for additional taxpayer money.…

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Schools Spent More Than $5M on Lobbying, Legal Fees

Kansas public school districts spent more than $5 million in lobbying and lawsuit funding between 2010 and 2016. That’s the equivalent of…

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