May 27, 2024

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Tag: SB 169

Petty politics prevented $1.4 billion in tax relief in Kansas

Virtually every effort to provide state tax relief over the last ten years was met with the ‘Don’t Be Like…

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Employment falls in Laura Kelly’s tax-and-spend economy

The March jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Governor Laura Kelly’s tax-and-spend economy lost 4,800 private-sector jobs…

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Flat tax in SB 169 is good for Kansas taxpayers

by Grover Norquist and Dave Trabert It was clear from the very beginning. Despite winning reelection on a message of…

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Gov. Kelly’s false claims in veto of income, property, and sales tax relief

It’s no secret that Kansas Governor Laura Kelly is a tax-and-spender — spending has jumped 31% since she took office…

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Kansas Legislature passes $1.4 billion tax relief bill in SB 169

Unless Governor Laura Kelly wields her veto pen on SB 169, Kansas taxpayers can look forward to $1.4 billion in…

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Kansas Reflector makes false claims on flat tax, ESAs

The Kansas City Star earlier this month deceived readers about education, and now the Kansas Reflector is making false claims…

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