July 18, 2024

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Tag: property valuations

KPI urges Legislature to pass constitutional amendment to limit property valuation increases

The Kansas Legislature, in its upcoming Special Session, should approve a constitutional amendment limiting the annual increases in property valuations,…

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Prairie Village wants to strip homeowners of property rights and won’t answer questions

Discussions on changing zoning regulations to to strip homeowners of property rights to increase the supply of more affordable housing…

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Kansas Senate OKs constitutional amendment capping property valuations

Three initial “No” votes on SCR 1610 changed to “Yes” for a revised proposal in SCR 1611 limiting increases in…

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Constitutional amendment limiting property valuation to 3% annually is one vote shy of passing Kansas Senate

A proposed amendment to the Kansas Constitution limiting yearly property valuation increases to 3%, except under certain conditions, is one…

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“Truth in Taxation” helps cut property tax in 21 counties

The new Kansas law aimed at increasing transparency and accountability in local government taxing and spending decisions shows some promise…

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Huffy City Officials Plead for Removal of Tax Lid

The McPherson Mayor and plenty of his cohorts in municipal government are gearing up for a snit fit over the…

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