March 4, 2024

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Kansas tax policy

The 10 Best Kansas Public High Schools in Greater KC

Over the past few weeks, the Sentinel has been documenting the performance of the public high schools on the Kansas…

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Olathe High Schools Need to Aim Higher

If students performed as unspectacularly as the high schools in the Olathe School District, parents might be inclined to take…

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Yoder Confounds Media, Invites Widow of Man Killed in Olathe Shooting to State of the Union

Nearly a year ago, Srinivas Kuchibhotla was shot to death in an Olathe bar by a deranged fellow named Adam…

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Olathe Ranked as a Top Beach Town

Wallet Hub, a consumer finances website, ranked the best beach towns in the country and Olathe earned a top spot.…

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Olathe Increases Recycling despite Mandate

Olathe residents are saving the Earth one recyclable at a time, according to a press release the city issued last…

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