February 20, 2024

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Olathe Ranked as a Top Beach Town

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Wallet Hub, a consumer finances website, ranked the best beach towns in the country and Olathe earned a top spot.

These beachfront cabins are not in Olathe. Also not in Olathe? A beach.

Olathe ranked 20th, behind oceanside cities in California, South Carolina, and Florida, and also behind lakeside cities in Michigan and Minnesota.

“So in order to determine the beach communities that are ideal for making one’s permanent home, WalletHub compared 227 cities across 49 key indicators of livability,” the web site reads.

Olathe earned high marks for its low housing costs, one of the key indicators in the study. The city ranked fourth for the affordability of its housing. It boasted 51st for weather.The community ranked 25th overall for its affordability and 17th for its economy.  Researchers unintentionally revealed the reason for Olathe’s top scores in affordable living–it’s landlocked.

“Living by the beach is the ultimate dream for many Americans. After all, beachside communities often have represented a relaxed and luxurious way of life. But few realize their dream of living by the water, precisely because of the misconception that beach towns are relatively more expensive and generally less livable than landlocked cities,” it reads.



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