February 21, 2024

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Tag: Larry Campbell

Tax reform council focuses on paying for more spending

Tax reform is usually associated with attempts to reduce taxes, but the first day of hearings at Kansas Governor Laura…

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Full House To Debate KPERS Re-Amortization Plan

Update: The House voted against the re-amortization plan Thursday afternoon by a vote of 87-36.  Members of the Kansas House…

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Colyer Staffs Up to Lead Executive Branch

It may appear like Gov. Jeff Colyer is throwing extra cash into more administrative staff but that isn’t the case, says…

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Senator Seeks to Require Confirmation for Lt. Governor Appointee

Gov. Jeff Colyer will name a lieutenant governor in the coming weeks, but there isn’t a specific timeline for naming…

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Conference Committee To Hash Out School Funding Legislation

A conference committee will hash out the differences between Kansas House and Senate school funding legislation. There will not be…

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K-12 budget

House Committee Finalizes School Funding Bill

Members of the Kansas House K-12 Budget education grappled with a school funding proposal for a few hours on Wednesday.…

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Sam Zeff

What Arm Twisting, KCUR?

KCUR’s Sam Zeff reports that legislators resorted to strong-arm tactics to secure votes for a House K-12 Budget Committee school…

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school funding

Three Day School Funding Hearing Ends

Lawmakers in the Kansas House wrapped up hearings on a school funding proposal on March 27. HB2410 would funnel an…

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