May 18, 2024

Keeping Media and Government Accountable.


Make no mistake: local elections aren’t nonpartisan

All across Kansas, people who never thought they would run for office are seeking election in nonpartisan races for local…

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Owner of KC Star, Wichita Eagle continues losing money

McClatchy, the parent company of the Kansas City Star and the Wichita Eagle, continues to lose money and miss expectations.…

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KCUR report misleads on school funding

Public radio station KCUR published a story suggesting a Kansas school district can’t fund basic building maintenance, but they left…

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Public radio misleads on Sharice Davids coverage

Kansas public radio’s online news source misleads readers in recent coverage of a townhall hosted by Congresswoman Sharice Davids over…

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Kansas to Pay “Controversial” Outfit $270,000 to Recruit 3 Teachers

In 2015, the Washington Post published an entire chapter from a book called “Good Intentions Gone Bad” about the “controversial”…

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Do 3 Kansas Health Nonprofits Know They’re Paying Missouri Team to Smear Kobach?

In a Monday article the Sentinel asked, “Who Is Paying for the Kansas News Service to Slander Kobach?” What inspired…

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Will New KCK School Super Cut Through District’s “Uncharacteristic Stability”?

As KCUR’s Aviva Okeson-Haberman dutifully reported, parents and others supporters of the Kansas City, Kansas School District worry about what…

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US Supremes Back Louisburg Woman in Religious Freedom Case

High marks to KCUR for reporting fairly on a story about Louisburg woman Mary Ann Sause whose day in court…

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For New Shawnee Mission Super, Salary Is Sweet, Perks Are Sweeter

Parents who once urged their children to go to med school or law school may be redirecting them towards the…

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Sam Zeff

What Arm Twisting, KCUR?

KCUR’s Sam Zeff reports that legislators resorted to strong-arm tactics to secure votes for a House K-12 Budget Committee school…

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Dated Poll Suggests Kansans Favor Medicaid Expansion

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, or ACS CAN, is touting a poll of 500 Kansans that suggests voters…

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Trouble Retaining Teachers? Not Exactly

Democratic state Reps. Jerry Stodgill, Prairie Village, and Steven Crum, Haysville, introduced a bill to restore mandatory so-called due process, or…

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