September 24, 2023

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Tag: Kansas budget

Former Legislator Rebuts Hineman’s “Misleading Rhetoric”

House Majority Leader Don Hineman sent a letter to Kansas newspapers explaining his vote to increase taxes, and one former…

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Union Leader, Brownback Admin Squabble over Paychecks

Some employees are getting raises this year, courtesy of the Kansas Legislature, but others are getting a tax increase without…

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Rep. Awerkamp Newsletter Offers Insight into Legislative Session

While several lawmakers attempt to explain their reasoning behind voting for the largest state tax increase in state history and…

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Brownback Signs Budget Bill with Line Item Vetoes

Gov. Sam Brownback line-item vetoed two provisions of a $15.6 million budget he signed into law on Sunday. It was last…

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Star Fails to Find People Who Oppose Tax Increase

Somehow, a reporter for the Kansas City Star toured Kansas and could barely find a single person opposed to a…

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Signs of K-12 Education Overspending Abound

There’s a possibility that some public schools spend more than necessary. Though that sort of blasphemy is rarely discussed in polite…

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Kansas Revenue Hits May Target

Kansas revenue projections for May neared dead center. The Kansas Department of Revenue estimated the state would collect $443 million,…

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Coalition Proposes Kansas Budget without Tax Increase

A coalition of Republicans announced a budget proposal to balance the budget without tax increases Monday afternoon. Chuck Weber, a Wichita…

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Kansans Want Spending Cuts; Lawmakers Propose New Taxes

Despite a recent poll showing a large majority of Kansans prefer cutting government spending to increasing taxes, lawmakers continue to…

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JoCo Sheriff’s Deputies Making Up to 75K in OT

One can hardly blame the deputies themselves for taking advantage of the opportunity–they may not have had any choice–but something…

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Senate President Wagle To Propose Spending Cuts

Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle announced she will propose across-the-board spending cuts to balance this year’s budget. The Senate will…

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Hartman Urges Brownback to Veto

Republican gubernatorial candidate Wink Hartman is urging Gov. Sam Brownback to veto legislation to increase income taxes on the middle…

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New Business Continues to Grow in Kansas

There is not much positive effect a state tax policy can have on industries like agriculture and energy, the two…

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media bias

Media Bias: A Tale of 2 Polls

Kansas media widely covered a public opinion poll showing a majority of respondents supported budget-neutral expansion of Medicaid, or KanCare, but media…

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