February 20, 2024

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Tag: Income Tax

Food sales tax would be almost gone but for Kelly’s 2019 veto

Guess what the state sales tax on food would be this coming New Year’s Day if Kansas Governor Laura Kelly…

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Masterson vows override efforts on PBR, fairness vetoes

Senate President Ty Masterson criticized Governor Laura Kelly’s vetoes of the Parents’ Bill of Rights, Fairness in Women’s Sports Act,…

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Biden’s STEP Act will tax farmers, small business owners hardest

President Joe Biden, who is promoting an effective tax increase on many middle-class Americans to pay back the unions that…

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KS Revenues Beat Expectations; State Budget Still Broken

The good news: Kansas revenues continued to beat projections in February. The bad news: Kansas budget is still out of…

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KS Revenue Spikes; Officials Warn It’s Not a Windfall

Kansas collected $165 million more than expected in state revenues in January, but officials warn federal tax reform influenced the…

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