May 28, 2024

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Tag: Ed Cross

AEA: 100 ways Biden administration impairs gas and oil production

The Biden administration disavows any responsibility for record-high gasoline prices, but the  American Energy Alliance (AEA) has published “100 Ways…

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Biden’s proposed budget harms Kansas oil and gas industry

As if Washington hasn’t done enough to cause gasoline prices to spike, President Biden wants to impose further harm on…

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Coal power rising as administration restricts natural gas production

After years of dropping, global coal-fired electric generation has rebounded strongly in 2021. According to a report by the International…

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Biden $3.5 trillion boondoggle slaps methane tax on oil and gas producers

If the Biden administration and the progressive caucus have their way on what the Wall Street Journal calls the $3.5…

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Petition asks legislature to halt skyrocketing electric rates

Kansas has some of the highest electric utility rates in the region, with residents paying — on average — 25%…

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AG Schmidt joins lawsuit to block ‘Mini-Green New Deal’

Kansas has joined a federal lawsuit seeking to block the implementation of a series of executive orders by the Biden…

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Electric Co-op CEOs make big money, rates highest in region

The electric cooperatives that serve approximately 500,000 mostly-rural customers in Kansas charge some of the highest rates in the state…

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Oil price decline to hurt tax revenue and the industry

Oil prices during the last two days of trading for May contracts plunged more than 300 percent to an all-time…

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