July 20, 2024

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Tag: Christine White

Biden admin pushes critical race theory in public schools

Federal lawmakers and the Biden administration are aiming to direct civics curriculum in public schools, and critics fear their efforts…

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Blue Valley asymptomatic testing stirs controversy

A local pediatrician is questioning the logic behind a Blue Valley School District initiative that tests asymptomatic students for COVID-19. …

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SB 174 would eliminate ‘pay to work fee’ for APRNs

Proponents say a proposal before the Kansas Legislature regarding Advance Practice Registers Nurses (APRNs) will lower medical costs and improve…

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Parents, students tell lawmakers remote learning is hurting students

Hybrid and remote learning is taking a toll on Kansas students, parents and kids told the House K-12 budget committee…

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Students, physicians detail detrimental effects of school lockdowns

Aly Arenholz, an 8th grader at Frontier Trail Middle School in Olathe, asked Olathe high school and middle school students…

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Kansas labs set cycle thresholds too high, detect non-contagious virus

The New York Times reported in August that some of the nation’s leading public health officials say the standard COVID…

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Mike Brown: County commission needs more transparency

Johnson County Commissioner Mike Brown will ask the county commission to be more transparent after members of the public have…

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JoCo COVID positivity rate includes some who tested negative

The COVID positivity rate, which Johnson County health officials say is too high for schools to safely open, includes people…

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