March 4, 2024

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Regulatory burden spikes under Biden

If president Joe Biden were to be reelected for a second term, the regulatory burden imposed by his administration could…

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Research shows poor people are the hardest hit by green energy costs

The price impact of green energy policies on necessities like gasoline, home heating oil and electricity impose a greater cost…

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Jobless Kansas families can receive $73,000 annualized in taxpayer subsidies

“Sorry, we’re short-staffed” How many of us have heard that in the last two years when we’ve gone out to…

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Huge middle-income cost hike in Biden’s childcare scheme

One of the provisions in President Biden’s Build Back Better plan professes to make childcare more affordable, but an opinion…

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‘Build Back Better’ backfire would cost Kansans 47,000 jobs

President Joe Biden’s $5 trillion Build Back Better plan would have significant negative impacts on the Kansas economy, according to…

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WSJ: $1.9 trillion COVID bill pays Kansans more to stay home

The $1.9 trillion “Covid-relief package” currently wending its way through Congress, could see Kansans paid considerably more to stay home…

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