June 15, 2024

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Tag: Carl Gerlach

Overland Park city council won’t be honest with citizens

Last night’s Overland Park revenue neutral hearing showed why Kansans support the new Truth in Taxation law.  Taxpayers are fed…

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Little transparency on JCERT sales tax in Johnson County

Voters approved a 1/8 cent ($0.125) sales tax in 2008 for the Johnson County Education Research Triangle (JCERT), which advocates…

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Wow! Overland Park Power Bloc Bullies Challengers to Maintain Status Quo

The entrenched powers in Overland Park have resorted to playing hardball to keep a handful of feisty outsiders at bay…

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41 News Offers Insightful Story on Tax Incentives in Overland Park

KSHB 41 News is asking questions about an Overland Park taxing district that could put more than $100 million in…

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