June 13, 2024

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SFFF diverts $8.4 million from classrooms to pay lawyers

Kansas public school districts have paid more than $8.4 million in membership fees to Schools for Fair Funding (SFFF), an…

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School district lawyers say $1 billion isn’t enough to resolve Gannon suit

Legislators just increased school funding another $90 million per year, bringing the total being phased in through the 2023 school…

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Kansas GDP Falls, But Lawyers Want $1.5 Billion “More” For Schools

Forget the GDP–the half billion or so of newly committed money is apparently not money enough for the lawyers representing…

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School Finance Wars Wage On As Emasculated Legislature Awaits Court Decision

The school finance wars aren’t over, despite a legislative plan to add more than $500 million in new funding over…

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Topeka Paper Labels Mathematic Reality “Strategic Spin”

The Topeka Capital-Journal takes a mathematical reality through the spin cycle in a Dec. 25 news story, entitled “K-12 funding…

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Interim Committee Talks Tax Increases, Budget Cuts to Inject Money into Schools

Rep. Anthony Hensley said the legislature would have an additional $565 million in funding if property owners had been paying…

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Read Their Lips: No Tax Increase in Kansas

Leaders in both the Kansas House and Kansas Senate say increasing taxes to pay a Kansas Supreme Court-imposed ransom to…

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Supreme Court Appears Skeptical of School Funding Formula

Kansas Supreme Court Justices peppered attorneys for the state of Kansas on SB 19, a new finance formula that adds…

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Kansas Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments on School Finance

Schools aren’t likely to be disrupted, but lawmakers may be on the hook for a special session sometime late this…

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Legislators Draft School Funding Plan

Lawmakers released a school funding plan that would add $75 million to Kansas public schools. Details of the plan trickled…

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