October 4, 2023

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Star Reports Bias Suit Against KSHB-TV as News

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Star editors have no greater pleasure than imputing racism to others.

An African American reporter at KSHB-TV files a suit against her employer of twelve years for racial discrimination. She alleges that race was “constantly used” in deciding her assignments and that those assignments “consistently” took her to the urban core.

The one specific case the reporter cites was being sent alone to the home of a KKK member, which was presumably not in the urban core. She contends that promotions were “consistently” given to white employees but not to her.

After presenting the reporter’s side of the story, the Star article concludes, “An attorney for the station was not immediately available for comment Tuesday morning.”

As the Star should know, HR departments, especially those in the public eye, are exquisitely sensitive on the subject of race, and there is no reason to believe that KSHB-TV’s HR is any different. One suspects that the station’s side of the story is equally compelling, probably more so, but public perception restrains them from telling it.

The Star editors, however, seem to have no greater pleasure than imputing racism to others, especially when the subject of the attack has little opportunity to respond. Here is hoping KSHB-TV gets the opportunity to return the favor.

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