July 20, 2024

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Maoists Plan to “Shut Down” Trump VFW Appearance in KC

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“President Donald Trump will be joining more than 10,000 members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and its Auxiliary as they bring the 119th VFW National Convention to the Kansas City Convention Center this Saturday through July 25,” announces the VFW proudly.

Let the revolution begin!

The Progressive Youth Organization is happy the president is coming. “We have just learned that Trump will be at the VFW conference as suspected,” reads the group’s post. “Be ready. Show up. We won’t give them peace.”

“We are hard at work preparing for Trump’s visit,” reads another PYO post, “and we encourage people to share this event! For this, we encourage protesters to wear masks, which we understand can be a confusing subject for those who are unused to this sort of direct action.”

Curiously, the PYO take on the media has a grain of truth to it. “Turn on the news and it’s all Russia this, Putin that, blah blah blah,” reads one post. “But is Russia keeping our wages low and attacking our unions? Is it Putin’s fault affordable housing is getting harder and harder to find in Kansas City? Did America only become racist after November 2016?”

The post continues, “The ruling class that owns the media is pushing this ‘Russiagate’ crap to distract us from the real issues.” On this point, the Sentinel more or less agrees.

Beyond that one salient observation, however, the PYO can serve up only Maoist boilerplate: “The ruling class is trying to start a new Cold War with Russia, and start more imperialist wars to steal the resources and exploit the workers of Latin America and the Middle East and make weapons manufacturers even richer.”

And finally, “We don’t care about fighting Russia or Syria or Venezuela or North Korea, we want to fight our real enemies, the landlords and cops and bosses and politicians, the system that created the monster called Trump. No war but People’s War!”

Remember July 24 at Washington Square Park. And don’t forget those masks!

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