October 2, 2023

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31 States Have Higher Gasoline Taxes Than Kansas

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Drivers pay less in gasoline taxes at Kansas pumps than they do in many other states, according to data released by the Tax Foundation. However, drivers who fill up in Kansas pay significantly more than their peers in neighboring states. Missouri and Oklahoma rank 47th and 48th respectively.

Drivers pay 24 cents per gallon in gas taxes in Kansas, but only pay 17.30 cents per gallon in Missouri and 17 cents per gallon in Oklahoma. Pennsylvanians pay the highest gas taxes in the nation. Keystone State drivers pay 58.2 cents per gallon in gas taxes. The Tax Foundation compiled data from the American Petroleum Institute, which accounted for differences in the application of fuel taxes in its data. The taxes do not include federal taxes, which are more than 18 cents per gallon.

One budget proposal, introduced in the Kansas House Taxation Committee on Jan. 30, recommends adding 11 cents per gallon in Kansas fuel taxes. The plan was crafted by by a coalition of organizations that receive various forms of funding via the state budget. The coalition includes Kansas Action for Children, the Kansas National Education Association, the Kansas Organization of State Employees and the Kansas Contractors Association.

With an additional 11 cent tax per gallon, Kansas would rank in the top 10 of the most highly taxed states in the nation for gasoline.


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