February 24, 2024

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JoCo poll workers warned about potential Konnech identity theft

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Election workers for Johnson County from June 2016 to October 2022 are being cautioned to monitor their personal information amid concerns of identity theft by Konnech, Inc., the county’s election management software contractor.

The company is currently under investigation. Its CEO, Eugene Yu, was arrested in Los Angeles County, California, for illegally allowing its contractors in China access to sensitive, personal data of poll workers in their system. 

In May 2016, the county contracted with Konnech Inc. to provide the software, data storage, and technical support to manage elections, including poll workers’ training, hours worked, and polling locations.

A News Release from Sheriff Calvin Hayden’s office issued this warning to the election workers affected:

“One of the modules purchased by Johnson County from Konnech Inc. is the Poll Worker Recruiting and Training Link, a portal managed by Konnech Inc. that provides poll workers access to enroll in online training classes, update their personnel information, and view their pay records. Johnson County poll workers have provided Johnson County with their personal information, including social security numbers and driver’s licenses, as part of the county’s onboarding process.”

Sheriff Hayden has recommended the county discontinue any use of Konnech’s products and software immediately, pending final disposition of the investigation.

If you believe your identity has been compromised, the sheriff recommends you go to www.jocosheriff.org and report the identity theft.

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