July 24, 2024

Keeping Media and Government Accountable.

“First, Do No Harm:” Doctors group risks careers to tell the truth about pandemic, immunizations

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Five Johnson County physicians are going public with what they maintain is the “truth” about COVID-19, the series of immunizations, the effects of the lockdowns, and resulting threats to our freedoms. The group’s first “Medical Truth Lecture Series” was recently held in a small midtown Kansas City church before a crowd of about 75.

The doctors are:

  • Jeffrey Earl, DO: Family Medicine
  • Festus Krebs, MD: Head and Neck Surgeon (retired)
  • Jesse Lopez, Jr., DO: General Surgeon and Functional Medicine
  • Gayln Perry, MD: Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep Medicine
  • Christine White, MD: Pediatrician
Dr. Perry spoke about concerns of immunizations and myocarditis.
Dr. Gayln Perry, photo courtesy of Perry Center for Pediatric and Adult Sleep Care

The Sentinel asked Dr. Perry what she meant by her statement, “Knowing what I knew (about COVID and vaccine misinformation) and knowing you (the public) didn’t know bothered me.”:

“Having access to information about early treatment, and then later information about the myocarditis statistics coming out of Israel in young males, compelled me, as a physician, to act on that information. Whether it was to treat patients with off-label medications or to raise awareness of the myocarditis risk while working at a children’s hospital, I had to do something.  As more and more information became available; I knew the public was not being informed, and that fact created a heavy, personal burden.  Patients were not being provided accurate information to make good medical decisions for themselves, and that lack of information was actually causing harm which was antithetical to my calling as a physician and the medical profession as a whole.”

Dr. Perry is aware that some of her colleagues are bothered by doctors having a different viewpoint and that that could have an impact on her career.  However, she thinks patients are exposed to a greater risk by not having all the information they need.

“The risks have already been taken by the public who have not been informed; those patients that had doctors abandon them or not give them true informed consent.  The risk to us frankly is not the risk to our practice, but the risk to our soul and our integrity if we stay silent.”

Dr. Christine White

Dr. White spoke on The Great Barrington Declaration, named for the Massachusetts city where it was signed in October 2020 by scientists urging a strategy of “herd Immunity” over the lockdowns currently in place. She discusses the GBD’s multifold significance, which was opposed by government agencies:

“It was published early in the pandemic but late enough that we were already seeing the significant negative consequences of the lockdowns. It was a plea by three well-respected scientists to have an open discussion about allowing healthy, fit young adults and children to live relatively normal lives while following  “focused protection” of the elderly to keep them safe until herd immunity could be reached. To allow for free discourse amongst scientists, physicians, academics, and the government to comprehensively look at the best way to manage a respiratory virus. To honestly search for the least harmful response to the situation based on past knowledge and also using new information, evidence, and data to try to answer a question. To do what science is meant to do.”

We asked Dr. White the significance of Missouri v Biden, currently under consideration in the U.S. Supreme Court, which seeks to limit Executive Branch contact with social media companies over the issue of controversial posts:

Missouri v Biden is a significant legal case because it shows exactly how far the government agencies had gone to censor free speech that did not agree with their narrative.  Through FOIA requests, the plaintiffs obtained page after page of back-and-forth emails between government officials and social media companies detailing the coercion and outright threats from officials towards these companies if the companies didn’t do exactly what the government wanted done.  But it also showed how quickly the social media companies fell into line to do the government’s bidding and censor anyone or any type of speech deemed misinformation or disinformation.  This case shows that government agencies in effect, violated the plaintiff’s freedom of speech under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

Dr. White concludes with her concerns over maneuvers by the World Health Organization (WHO):

“The World Health Organization will be voting on a new pandemic treaty and International Health Regulations in May of 2024.  If these are passed, every nation that is part of the WHO will be required to follow them.  These new regulations will give the Director General of the WHO the power not only to declare future pandemics but also to require nations to follow his or her directives.  Currently, the WHO provides recommendations, but countries can independently decide how to manage the health of their citizens.  If these are passed, the “recommendations” will be legally binding.  In effect, we will be giving up our right to govern ourselves.  We will be told what to do with our health by an international body that is not democratically elected by our citizens.”

Dr. Festus Krebs, photo courtesy of KWCH

Dr. Krebs testified before legislative committees in Kansas the last two years on a bill that would give individuals “health freedom.” Among the provisions of the legislation:

1)      Allowed physicians to continue to prescribe whatever medications they thought best for their patients and required pharmacists to fill those prescriptions.

2)      Made it illegal for any physician to mutilate any child under the age of 18 through the use of surgical or pharmacological gender change or alteration (gender reassignment), including puberty-prevention hormones.

3)      Prohibited the Secretary of KDHE from requiring any genetic transfer injections in children.

4)      Prohibit the firing by any public or private employer of any employee solely for following an isolation or quarantine recommendation by a local health officer.

5)      Prevent the State Board of the Healing Arts from capriciously removing from physicians their licenses to practice medicine based on the Board’s completely unscientific and illogical definition of “spreading disinformation.”

But he was frustrated by the process and results:

“A number of physicians, PAs (physician assistants), NPs (nurse practitioners) nurses, and other healthcare personnel were involved in crafting and attempting to have passed legislation in the Kansas State House during the last two legislative sessions.  Senator Mark Steffen and Senator Mike Thompson, along with many other legislators, wrote and introduced the various bills to advocate for Health Freedom, to regain individual (Constitutional) rights, and to protect the most vulnerable among us. Kansans for Health Freedom (KSHF) was also heavily involved in these initiatives. The bills varied widely, and for instance, in this last legislative session, 13 bills were pushed through the approval process of both the Senate and House.  All thirteen were vetoed, and the Health Freedom Alliance was able to override the governor’s veto only on two bills if I remember correctly.”

Dr. Krebs said, “bodily autonomy is given to you by God, not by the government” in his presentation.  The Sentinel asked him to elaborate.

First, each of us was created by God and given the faculties of high intelligence and free will.  Only God could create us, and at Creation, each of us was given authority over his/her own body and mind.  That is part of the gift of “Free Will.”  Only God could give us authority over our own bodies, and only God can take it away.  That is called “Bodily Autonomy.”  It is NOT GIVEN to us by the State, and CAN NOT BE TAKEN AWAY from us by “The State” or any other entity.

“In the field of Medicine, well-informed and uncoerced acceptance (or refusal) is required before any injection, procedure, operation, etc. It is part of the doctor’s responsibility to give the information before having the patient make a decision about acceptance or rejection of any proposed invasive act.  This is the basis of the 1947 Nuremberg Code, endorsed by just about every free and democratic nation. No injections or procedures without informed and uncoerced consent of the patient.”

Dr. Krebs says we must learn from the past to prevent the loss of freedoms we suffered during the pandemic.

“We, the Doctors for Truth, believe that the best way to prevent a recurrence of the illegal and immoral events of the last four years (the Great COVID Cover-Up) is to simply get out the truth of how it happened (and is still happening) to the very intelligent and freedom-loving populous of the United States.  Paraphrasing St. Augustine: Truth is like a Lion, you don’t have to protect it.  Simply let it loose, and it will take care of itself.

“That is the point of the public information meetings we give to the general public. None of us has ever taken a dollar for the thousands of hours we have spent researching, preparing, and speaking; our only motivation as physicians is to promote the health and welfare of the public.  We try to inform them of the truth in an easy-to-understand way.  If they understand clearly what happened, they can prevent it from

Dr. Jeffrey Earl

happening again.  I believe proof of the intelligence of our populous is the fact that they have seen through the massive advertising/marketing campaigns paid for by the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries, in conjunction with the state, local, and national government agencies, and only a few percent of the US population has opted to take the new COVID-19 mRNA genetic-transfer injections.

Dr. Earl’s presentation was scientific in nature, discussing the toxicity of the immunizations on the blood and internal organs, admitting his presentation was aimed at “the science nerds in the audience.”

Dr. Jesse Lopez, photo courtesy of healthgrades.com

Dr. Lopez spoke on the lack of transparency in post-pandemic studies into the health effects of immunizations. He

questioned why there are no studies into the adverse effects of the vaccine, such as the incidence of myocarditis in healthy, young athletes and decreased birth rates in vaccinated pregnant women.

Dr. Perry summarized her group’s intentions on beginning this educational lecture series:

“Doctors, including our group, that have spoken out have absolutely nothing to gain. So why are we doing it? As I mentioned, because we love our once noble profession, we love people, and we love the truth.”


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