June 19, 2024

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Death of KKK’er Gets More Ink Than Any Black Man Murdered in Missouri

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KC think tanks would spend their resources better studying the deaths at their doorstep.

For the last several years, Missouri has ranked first or second in black homicide deaths per capita. These deaths number more than 200 per year, but unless a policeman does the shooting, the media pay very close to no attention.

White homicide victims tend to get more ink, and if the victim is a self-declared member of the KKK, that victim gets all the attention he craved for during his confused life. In addition, he is doubly victimized by the bogus theorizing about why he died.

“Those who monitor extremist groups say violence is nothing new among some white nationalist groups,” insisted the Kansas City Star in speaking of the murder of self-declared KKK leader, Frank Ancona in rural Missouri this past weekend.

“Infighting is quite common,” Devin Burghart of the Kansas City-based Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights assured the Star “Among the folks we’ve dealt with who are defectors, the internal fighting is one of the most common reasons why people decide to get out of the movement — because they fear for their lives.”

As it turned out, Ancona’s wife and stepson have been charged with the murder. According to local police, Ancona had threatened to divorce his wife, and she apparently objected.

Would that the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights paid attention to the deaths at their doorstep. There were 127 of them in Kansas City alone last year.




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