June 24, 2024

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COVID Information Center on Kansas Policy Institute website

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The Sentinel’s parent company, Kansas Policy Institute, announced the addition of a COVID Information Center to its website today.

Communications Director Ellen Hathaway says KPI staff gathers the information from federal, state, and county websites to provide information that Kansans aren’t getting from mainstream media and government officials.

“Kansans’ day-to-day plans, behaviors, and sources of security are being drastically altered by the realities of this pandemic and the government’s response. To have access to relevant information in a time like this is paramount. We hope this resource can play a part in building the confidence needed for Kansans to make good decisions, in addition to keeping corporate media, and state and local government leaders accountable for rhetoric used and decisions made on this disease.”

The site has charts comparing trends on COVID cases with deaths and hospitalizations for the State of Kansas, Johnson County, Wyandotte County, and Kansas City, Missouri.  Most jurisdictions don’t publish the important historic data needed to prepare those charts, but more will be added if the data becomes available.

There’s also a table showing the number of cases and deaths in each county, along with the mortality rate and the percentage of the population reported to have been infected with COVID.

Other tables in the COVID Information Center include:

  • Hospitalization and death rate trends for Kansas
  • Hospital utilization rates for Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma
  • Cases and deaths for all 50 states
  • Deaths from pneumonia, influenza, and COVID in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma
  • July employment data showing job losses in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma
  • Kansas General Fund $1.5 billion budget deficit for FY 2022

Hathaway says the charts and tables in the COVID Information Center will be updated routinely as new data becomes available.

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