December 6, 2023

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Citizens for a Responsible Government Fires Back at Steve Rose

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CFRG believes streetcars to be a waste of taxpayer money.

Veteran pundit Steve Rose took to the pages of the Kansas City Star to scold the nonprofit watchdog group, Citizens For a Responsible Government (CFRG), for living up to its name. “Groups such as Citizens for a Responsible Government don’t just want to kill a new airport,” huffed Rose. “They also aim to make sure the streetcar routes are not expanded. They oppose the downtown convention center. They helped kill a relocation of a major architectural firm to the Crossroads District. And now they are trying to shoot down a major bond proposal in April that would repair infrastructure throughout the city.”

In a letter to his supporters CFRG’s Dan Coffey fired back. As to the airport, he reminded Rose that “a recent survey conducted by City Hall determined over 70% of the voting public in KCMO prefer CFRG’s  position.” On the question of streetcars, Coffey argued that the streetcar “is a blatant misuse of taxpayer dollars,” but that CFRG’s real issue is the limiting of the vote on the streetcar to “a few controlled voters.”
“CFRG does not oppose the downtown convention center. Not sure what Mr. Rose means here?” Coffey continued. “If he meant to say the downtown Hyatt Hotel, then again we oppose the SECRECY with which City Hall is spending $170,000,000 of taxpayers money while refusing to show the taxpayers the financing arrangement term sheet.” As to the bond proposal, Coffey reiterated that what the CFRG opposes is “not near enough transparency or detail” and “too much SECRECY.”
To learn more about the group and its efforts check out “Citizens for Responsible Government” on Facebook.


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