February 26, 2024

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Yoder Worries Socialized Medicine Knocking on America’s Door

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Congressman Kevin Yoder, R-Kansas

Socialized health care is bad medicine, according to Congressman Kevin Yoder, R-Kansas. He penned an editorial for Fox News this weekend. In it, he warns the consequences of socialized medicine.

“The Obamacare status quo is unacceptable,” he writes. It’s so bad that Congressional members from both sides of the aisle are proposing solutions.

“The majority of House Democrats have proposed an alternative fix called the Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act, otherwise known as “single payer.” This should send shivers down the spine of any tax-paying, Constitution-loving American,” Yoder says.

He details some of the consequences of taking that path, including eliminating choice from health care, a $32 trillion price tag, doubling tax rates, and doctor and staffing shortages leading to long wait times for routine surgeries.

“In America, we value choice, competition, and access to care. In socialized medicine, those luxuries would be gone,” the Congressman writes.

In its place would be a two-tiered health care system based on wealth.

“Private doctors would allow wealthy patients to jump the line for same-day appointments for a price. The rest of us would be forced to wait months for a visit with the government,” he says.

The prescription for avoiding the bad medicine of socialized health care requires the country to unite, he concludes. Read the entire column here.


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