June 22, 2024

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Tag: waste

EPC Group demands $11 million more taxpayer money for its project by Wichita baseball stadium

Wichita city leaders are considering a(nother) sweetheart deal that would transfer even more taxpayer money to EPC Real Estate Group…

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Johnson County spends $4,648 on pronoun lapel pins

Johnson County officials are spending $4,648 on lapel pins and stickers for employees to declare their pronouns, according to emails…

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Kansas can avoid potential $200 million tax hike on business

Citing information from the National Council on State Legislatures, the Tax Foundation says the Kansas unemployment trust fund is $196…

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Whistleblower claims mostly true, but not improper

The Kansas Adjutant General’s office has responded to allegations made June 29 by a whistleblower, confirming that many of the…

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Whistleblower alleges serious fraud, abuse at state agency

A whistleblower complaint by a former Kansas Division of Emergency Management (KDEM) employee alleges serious misconduct by the division management.…

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