May 28, 2023

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Tag: Washington Post

JOCO Commission Chair’s YouTube excuse for limiting public comment seems bogus

The Sentinel has challenged Johnson County Board of Commissioners Chair Mike Kelly’s excuse for restricting public comments and meeting access…

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Washington Post: expecting freedom is white supremacy

An opinion piece in the Washington Post last week declaring that expecting individual freedom is a “key component of white…

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CDC, KS school board issue stringent school opening guidance

The Center for Disease Control and the Kansas State Department of Education issued new, stringent school opening guidance week, but…

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First Time Ever, Dorothy, A Year With No Violent Tornadoes in US

“We’re now days away from this becoming the first year in the modern record with no violent tornadoes touching down…

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Missouri Priest Targets Trump Basher at Washington Post

Father Brian Harrison, a St. Louis-based Catholic priest and theologian, has had enough with the Washington Post, specifically its alleged…

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Story of Lawrence Chemistry Prof Busted for Being in US Illegally Goes National

The Washington Post among others has picked up the story of Syed Ahmed Jamal, a chemistry instructor from Bangladesh who…

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Calling Police in Wichita May Be Deadly Decision

The ratio of police to officer-involved shootings in Wichita is higher than the national average, a sharp statistic garnering national…

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Kansas Is Stealing Oklahoma’s Teachers?

Oklahoma officials worry that the Sooner State is suffering a teacher shortage crisis. Their educators are escaping to Kansas, according…

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