March 27, 2023

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Tag: Wade Moore

State school board member Ann Mah chooses systems over students in school choice debate

When school officials talk about education in general or school choice in particular, their focus is almost exclusively on what…

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Wichita private school, one of 8 finalists for Yass Prize, awarded $500,000

A private school in Wichita, Kansas, which primarily serves African American students, was recently awarded $500,000 as one of the…

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Tax credit scholarships proposed for higher education

Representative Brandon Whipple (D-Wichita) is behind HB 2409, which would allow for tax credit scholarships to cover higher education, such as…

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School Choice Advocates Rally in Topeka

The state of Kansas has made strides in providing school choice opportunity for some students, but there’s still work to…

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Students, Parents Rally at Capitol for School Choice

Choice has existed since the beginning of time, but most Kansas parents can’t choose how to best educate their children,…

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Kansas Justice Institute

KJI to Assist Citizens in School Funding, Other Liberty Issues

The Kansas Justice Institute, or KJI, will assist citizens in litigating property tax issues, private property issues and civil asset forfeiture,…

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