July 13, 2024

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Tag: USD 500

Education officials at the top of the 2023 KPERS ‘millionaires’ list

Data provided by the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System shows that Kansas has 4,375 KPERS ‘millionaires’—state and local government retirees…

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KASB budget advice is contrary to state law, silent on improving outcomes

Kansas school board members are getting budget advice from the Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) that is contrary to…

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Bi-partisan self-interest in politics destroys education opportunities

The struggle to get kids a decent education validates Thomas Sowell’s premise on the priorities of most politicians – their…

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At least 3 KS school districts hide students’ transgender status from parents

Over 160 school districts nationwide, including three in Kansas, have policies to keep students’ transgender status a secret from their…

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Top-heavy USD 500 Kansas City shortchanges teachers and students

USD 500 Kansas City gave Superintendent Charles Foust a 17% pay increase last year, while the approximate $92 million spent…

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KCTV 5 Serves as Propaganda Arm of KCK Schools

KCTV 5 and reporter Caroline Sweeney essentially served as the public relations arm of the Kansas City, Kansas, School District on…

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