June 3, 2023

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Tag: Title IX

bathroom bill

Derby Recreation Commission allows biological males in women’s locker room, even after used condom is found

The Derby Recreation Commission has refused to respond to questions about its transgender locker room policy, even after a used…

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Title IX does not cover gender identity, court rules

Title IX rules against gender-based discrimination do not include “gender identity,” according to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals sitting…

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Federal Judge blocks Biden transgender rules from taking effect

In at least a temporary victory, a federal judge last week temporarily blocked a Biden administration rule forcing businesses and…

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Biden: no lunch for poor kids unless schools allow boys in the girls’ restrooms

Just when you think Washington can’t stoop any lower, the Biden administration says it will withhold funding for lunch for…

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Eudora girl forced to room with biological male on school-sponsored overseas trip

On a school trip to Costa Rica earlier this month, three female high school students in the Eudora school district…

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Lawsuit seeks to end religious exemption for private colleges

A class-action lawsuit filed in March in the federal court for the Western District of Oregon could end the Title…

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