December 6, 2023

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Tag: Rex Burlison

Clownish St. Louis Prosecutors Turn Greitens Case Into Farce

The remarkably patient defense attorneys for Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens cannot be sure from day to day what new bit…

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Judge in Greitens Case Slams State For “Sanctionable Discovery Violations”

Having reminded the prosecutors in the Greitens case that “these rules are not mere rules of etiquette,” Circuit Judge Rex…

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Greitens’ Prosecutors Admit “Egregious Mistakes,” Face Dismissal of Case

Two separate Associated Press reports on the criminal investigation into Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens use the word “egregious,” each in…

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Breaking: Greitens’ Prosecutors Produce Missing Video Hours After Release of House Report

On Thursday in open court, James Martin, a defense attorney for Gov. Eric Greitens, spoke to the issue of a…

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