June 24, 2024

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Nebraska storm issues “Hail No!” warning for Johnson/Douglas County solar farm

A late June storm with baseball-size hail devastated the Community Solar Farm in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, shattering some 14,000 panels, and…

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KCC ignores landowners, grants route for power lines to take electricity out of state

In a 2-1 vote earlier this week, the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) — which regulates public utilities in the state…

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Attorney files KORA complaint against Republic County over wind issues

An attorney for concerned landowners in Republic County, opposed to wind farm development by NextEra energy, has filed a Kansas…

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KCC reverses course, allows retail ratepayer groups to weigh in on transmission project

Despite calling the brouhaha surrounding a controversial transmission project “a circus” and “drama trauma,” Kansas Corporation Commission Commissioner Susan K.…

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Is KCC using biased analysis to justify higher electric rates?

The masthead on the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) website declares it is serving the people of Kansas, but testimony indicates…

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Is Ethics Advisory Board ruling on solar project politically motivated?

Some people in Johnson County believe a recusal order by the Ethics Advisory Board is selectively applying ethics guidelines to…

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Kelly appointees limit consumer input on eminent domain, rate hikes

In an almost unprecedented move, the Kansas Corporation Commission limited the ability of a consumer interest group to intervene on…

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Land taken by eminent domain would send electricity out of state

If a federal agency and a wind power developer have their way, a swath half a football field wide will…

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