September 25, 2023

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Tag: Melissa Rooker

Female Kansas Mod Laments Left’s “Ugly Campaign”

In a Pitch article that gets almost everything wrong, former Kansas City Starreporter Barbara Shelly allows moderate Republican Representative Melissa…

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Merriam Dem: Lawmakers Are Constitutionally Obligated to Fund Schools, Not Roads

Schools need to be priority one, Rep. Jarrod Ousley, a Merriam Democrat, told a meeting of several Johnson County lawmakers…

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New Spending Should Help Schools, But There’s No Guarantee, Researcher Tells Lawmakers

Jesse Levin, a researcher at the American Institutes for Research, told legislators on Thursday that an education study they commissioned…

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Lawmakers Forward $500M Education Plan Likely To Require Tax Increases

A committee of lawmakers forwarded a proposal that would increase school funding by about $500 million over the next 5…

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K-12 budget

House Committee Finalizes School Funding Bill

Members of the Kansas House K-12 Budget education grappled with a school funding proposal for a few hours on Wednesday.…

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Sam Zeff

What Arm Twisting, KCUR?

KCUR’s Sam Zeff reports that legislators resorted to strong-arm tactics to secure votes for a House K-12 Budget Committee school…

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school funding

Three Day School Funding Hearing Ends

Lawmakers in the Kansas House wrapped up hearings on a school funding proposal on March 27. HB2410 would funnel an…

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