April 14, 2024

Keeping Media and Government Accountable.

Tag: Marvin Robinson

Mesha Mainor refuses to use the poor and minorities for political gain

Hypocrisy – claiming to have beliefs to which one’s behavior does not conform – has long been a defining characteristic…

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2023 Freedom Index shows liberty is not a red or blue issue

Seventy-three of the 165 Kansas House and Senate members scored better than 85% on the 2023 Kansas Freedom Index, including Wyandotte County…

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Bi-partisan self-interest in politics destroys education opportunities

The struggle to get kids a decent education validates Thomas Sowell’s premise on the priorities of most politicians – their…

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Fairness in Women’s Sports Act becomes law

After three years of attempts, the full legislature has overridden Democrat Governor Laura Kelly’s veto of the “Fairness in Women’s…

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