April 14, 2024

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Tag: Mark Desetti

Kansas lawmakers consider mandate for in-person learning option

Eighth-grader Ian Reimer has attended school in person for three days since March 12, 2020. The Gardner-Edgerton student started school…

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Lawmakers debate mandating personal finance class to graduate

Kansas students can graduate from high school without taking any classes on personal finance. A bill before the Kansas Legislature…

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KS education lobby attacks opportunity – Part 1

Parental support for school choice is on the rise in Kansas and across the nation, but the Kansas education lobby…

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KNEA opposes teacher supply stipend

Teacher unions have often complained about teachers having to use their own money to buy classroom supplies, but the state’s…

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Kansas tax policy

Star Article Ignores One Side of Senate Showdown

The Kansas Senate shut down plans to debate a tax policy bill and a budget bill last week, after Senate…

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