July 20, 2024

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KCK district officials silent on gender-transitioning “Julian is a Mermaid” being read to kindergartners

A Kansas City, Kansas, USD 500 kindergarten teacher proudly, but anonymously, posted on a social media page that they had…

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Rose Hill students taught there are five genders in dual credit college course

A Rose Hill high school student who has been taking concurrent (sometimes called “dual credit”) courses at Butler County Community…

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KU Law school says ADF discussion of the First Amendment is ‘hate speech’

Last week the University of Kansas student chapter of the Federalist Society invited Jordan Lorence, the senior counsel and director…

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4-H ‘Thriving Model’ is grounded in equity, CRT, and Marxism

In the spring of 2013, 4-H launched a nationwide program of youth development called the “Thriving Model,” which appears grounded…

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Fed up with 4-H focus on DEI, local group forms an alternative

One family in Southeast Kansas took a hard look at what was happening in the 4-H program they’d been a…

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Kansas teacher suspended over preferred pronouns sues district

A long-time teacher in Fort Riley is suing her district after being reprimanded and suspended for refusing to use a…

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Why Is KU Promoting Segregated Housing For Its LGBTQ Students?

At the University of Kansas, they call it “gender inclusive housing” but its effect is to shunt KU’s “transgender, non-binary…

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Who Wrote The Threatening Letters To Gay Kansas School Teacher?

The Kansas City Star headline sums up the nearly universal media angle on this unfolding story: “‘Queers will burn’: Gay…

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LGBTQ Lobby Pressures Dems to Stall Brownback Nomination

The LGBTQ lobby showed its muscle at Gov. Sam Brownback’s confirmation hearing for the position of U.S. ambassador at large…

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