October 4, 2023

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Sec State’s office, Twitter rebuke Stephanie Sharp voting claim

The Kansas Secretary of State’s office issued a sharp rebuke to Stephanie Sharp, a former Kansas legislator on Twitter last…

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Legislators to attempt override of Kelly vetoes on final day

Kansas Majority Leader Dan Hawkins has spoken to every single Republican House member leading up to the legislature’s final day…

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KS Lawmakers Receive Input through Legislative Agendas

As Kansas lawmakers kick off the 2018 legislative session, they’ll be inundated with a number or legislative platforms from cities,…

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KS Lawmakers, Former Govs Weigh in on Tax Negotiations

Kansas lawmakers are attempting to thread a needle on a tax proposal that will gain Gov. Brownback’s support or garner…

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Cap-J Headline Confuses on Procurement Bill

The House K-12 Education Budget Committee heard testimony on a bill that would require school districts to use strategic sourcing…

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