May 18, 2024

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Tag: Kansas Highway Patrol

Intense debate on asset forfeiture reforms in competing House, Senate bills

While civil libertarians and the law enforcement community debated the merits of asset forfeiture — the seizure of property and/or…

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Kansas lawmakers discuss reform of civil asset forfeiture law

Standards of proof required for civil asset forfeiture, the process through which a law enforcement agency may seize and take…

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Federal judge hobbles “Kansas Two-Step”

Writing that the Kansas Highway Patrol “waged war on motorists,” U.S. District of Kansas Senior Judge Kathryn H. Vratil ordered…

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Education officials top the 2022 KPERS ‘millionaires’ list

Data provided by the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System shows Kansas has 3,778 KPERS ‘millionaires’ – state and local government…

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“Kansas Two-Step”, KHP superintendent on trial in Kansas City

A controversial law enforcement technique called the “Kansas Two-Step” intended to give Kansas Highway Patrol troopers a reason to search…

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‘Innocent Owner’ finally gets his Corvette back from Kansas Highway Patrol

Richard Martinez will finally get his classic Corvette back — from the Kansas Highway Patrol. Martinez bought the 1959 Corvette…

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KS Highway Patrol fights to destroy innocent man’s classic Corvette

When Richard Martinez bought a 1959 Corvette from an Indiana used car dealer, the Kansas man had no reason to…

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Salina to build “Cadillac” gun range, despite redundancy of service nearby

The city of Salina is building the “Cadillac” of law enforcement training facilities, even though the Kansas Highway Patrol’s primary…

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Lax enforcement aids in escalation of protests at Capitol building, Senator says

Acts of civil disobedience in the Kansas Capitol escalated throughout the session and according to one state Senator, Capitol Police…

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