February 22, 2024

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Tag: Kansas Department of Commerce

economic development

Audit identifies concerns about state economic development incentives

A new report from the Kansas Division of Legislative Post Audit identifies serious deficiencies in several economic development incentive programs…

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Commerce official awarded lucrative consulting gig — with Commerce Department

Cronyism in Kansas government is nothing new, but it may have reached new heights with a recent deal in which…

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State agencies fail to fully implement multiple audit reccomendations

Several state agencies have failed to fully implement recommendations made by auditors over the last several years. According to a…

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Kelly administration wants $15 million to bail out failed incentive program

The Kelly administration is asking for approximately $15 million a year to prop up an incentive program that has shown…

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AFPF-Kansas files open records complaint against Commerce Department

More than a year ago, Americans For Prosperity Foundation-Kansas (AFPF-Kansas) filed a series of Open Records Act requests with the…

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Records requests show Commerce Department failing to oversee STAR Bonds

A series of records requests by the Americans For Prosperity Foundation asking for information about STAR Bonds in Kansas shows…

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Audit: $20 million Angel Investor program rife with problems

A damning report from the Kansas Legislative Division of Post Audit says the Angel Investor tax credit program designed to…

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What is Kansas Department of Commerce hiding from public scrutiny?

Two requests filed by the Sentinel under the Kansas Open Record Act (KORA) with the Kansas Department of Commerce for…

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