June 5, 2023

Keeping Media and Government Accountable.

Tag: Kansas Board of Education

State agencies fail to fully implement multiple audit reccomendations

Several state agencies have failed to fully implement recommendations made by auditors over the last several years. According to a…

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State school board member Ann Mah chooses systems over students in school choice debate

When school officials talk about education in general or school choice in particular, their focus is almost exclusively on what…

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Graduation task force ignores the low-achievement elephant in the room

Faced with an enormous student achievement problem, the Kansas State Board of Education is taking the very predictable bureaucratic approach…

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K-12 officials: choice for the system, not for students

“Today we’ve have heard about ways to give kids more choice and what we have received back would be all…

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KBOE President Jim Porter deceives on student achievement (again)

State Board of Education President Jim Porter made a conscious attempt to deceive members of the House K-12 Budget Committee…

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