May 23, 2024

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Tag: Kaci Brutto

Blue Valley dodges questions about taxes ahead of bond issue

School districts routinely ask voters to approve hundreds of millions in new bond issue debt with the promise that it…

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Goddard, Wichita, and Blue Valley address learning loss

In the wake of the release of an online calculator by Georgetown University that estimates the number of weeks of…

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Kansas school calls domestic terrorism a ‘right-wing’ issue

A 9th-Grade history assignment and discussion at Blue Valley West High School in Kansas asked students to explain “What is…

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Schools approve graphic gay sex scenes in classroom book

A book detailing the sexual exploits of a young man is on the approved reading list for students as young…

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Blue Valley asks students to declare preferred pronouns

Under the guise of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), teachers in Blue Valley are asking students to declare their preferred…

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Blue Valley teacher violates student’s privacy over medical mask exemption

A Blue Valley Northwest teacher is under fire today after parents complained she promised to tell her Facebook followers whether…

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Blue Valley to spend $40k plus benefits on COVID contact tracer

It’s all good news on the COVID-front in Johnson County, but school districts continue to plan for apocalyptic levels of…

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Blue Valley cancels in-person 8th Grade graduation

Add the cancellation of in-person 8th Grade graduation to the list of traditional rites of passage ripped from students by…

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Blue Valley backs away from Timber Creek quarantine order

Approximately 100 Timber Creek elementary students who had allegedly been ordered into quarantine by their school are returning to their…

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