December 7, 2023

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Tag: Guns

Boom! Project Veritas Reporters Show McCaskill, Staffers Duping Swing Voters

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas reporters have caught not only McCaskill staffers but also Claire McCaskill herself sharing thoughts on any…

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Armed Grandpa Derails KC Man’s Crime Career in Mid-Missouri

Two stories in the news make it clear that the real problem in America is not guns but crime and…

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Kansas Bill Would Hold Schools Responsible For NOT Arming Teachers

As reported by CNN, a newly introduced bill in the Kansas House would not just encourage school districts to arm…

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OP-Based Lockton Affinity Caves to Anti-Gun Activists, Abandons the NRA

There is no longer a reason, one suspects, for the planned fly-over protest at the Overland Park headquarters of insurance…

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Update: Police Identify the Fifth South KC Hiking Trail Victim

Kansas City police have identified the fifth man found on or near a South Kansas City hiking trail as 31-year-old…

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OP Rep Chides Peers For “Anti-University, Anti-Intellectualism” in Campus Carry Debate

Rep. Stephanie Clayton, an Overland Park Republican, does not like the idea of “campus carry” and does not exactly respect…

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Wichita State Rally Against Campus Carry Draws 15 People

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. On Tuesday, a rally against campus carry in Kansas appeared to draw fifteen people. That…

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