June 16, 2024

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Tag: elections

‘United Kansas’ pushes fusion voting scheme in Sunflower State

A new political party, “United Kansas,” wants to institute fusion voting, which allows a candidate to be listed twice on…

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Hayden not seeking to interfere with elections, simply secure them

Johnson County Sheriff Calvin Hayden has been facing intense criticism for an ongoing probe into possible integrity issues in his…

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Make no mistake: local elections aren’t nonpartisan

All across Kansas, people who never thought they would run for office are seeking election in nonpartisan races for local…

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Pelosi’s HR 1 would force nonprofits to disclose donor lists

Nancy Pelosi’s HR 1 legislation doesn’t just impose changes on states that would make voter fraud easier to pull off. …

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H.R. 1: ‘For the People’ Act is really for the politicians

Billed as the “For the People” act, recently passed H.R. 1 claims to protect election integrity and expand access to…

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