May 27, 2024

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Tag: Don Hineman

U.S. Senate moves to block lesser prairie chicken from going on endangered list

In what will likely be a largely symbolic move, the United States Senate passed a resolution 50-48 which would block…

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Hineman, Goossen make false claims about 2012 Kansas tax plan

People across the nation who are opposed to letting citizens keep more of their hard-earned money have repeatedly pointed to…

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Senator Denning, House moderates disagree over Medicaid interim committee

The makeup of a Medicaid interim committee that will be tasked with writing expansion legislation is causing a rift between…

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Advocates admit Medicaid expansion won’t save rural hospitals

Pressed to consider the facts with emotion removed, even some strong advocates admit Medicaid expansion won’t save rural hospitals.  And…

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Who Knew? Conservatives Gained Strength in Kansas, Elect Majority Leader

For all the self-congratulatory bluster coming out of the media this past month, who would have known that conservatives actually…

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Kansas GDP Falls, But Lawyers Want $1.5 Billion “More” For Schools

Forget the GDP–the half billion or so of newly committed money is apparently not money enough for the lawyers representing…

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Senator Announces Plan to Push for Changes to KS Constitution

State Sen. Dennis Pyle, a Hiawatha Republican, will introduce a Constitutional amendment to prevent the Kansas Supreme Court from closing schools. The…

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Former KS Legislature Staffer Alleges Sexual Harassment

A former Kansas Legislature staff member is alleging sexual harassment under the Dome. Abbie Hodgson told the Hill she was…

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Former Legislator Rebuts Hineman’s “Misleading Rhetoric”

House Majority Leader Don Hineman sent a letter to Kansas newspapers explaining his vote to increase taxes, and one former…

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