July 13, 2024

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Tag: Democrats

Kansas legislators should follow the principled lead of these three Democrats

“As I watch children in poverty, trapped in failing schools, who can hardly read, I’d be damned if I will…

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AFP-Kansas presents Frederick Douglass Award to Rep. Marvin Robinson II

A free-market group, the Americans for Prosperity Foundation-Kansas, has given its first ever Frederick Douglass Award “for standing on principle…

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Biden $3.5 trillion boondoggle slaps methane tax on oil and gas producers

If the Biden administration and the progressive caucus have their way on what the Wall Street Journal calls the $3.5…

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Leavenworth Dems get school board candidate fired, call state rep ‘Nazi’

A candidate for school board in Leavenworth and a sitting state representative have found themselves the target of “Cancel Culture.”…

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Kansas Dems in lockstep with Biden, propose $15 minimum wage

As newly-sworn in President Joe Biden has signed executive orders promoting a $15 minimum wage — and has it as…

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Local Dem Chair Commits Unpardonable Sin: Opposes Sex and Race Preferences

The chairman of the Democratic county committee and a candidate for the 3rd District seat in Jackson County, Paul Wrabec…

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Eagle Definitions: ‘Centrist’ Equals Anti-Freedom; ‘Success’ Equals Tax Hike

The Mainstream Coalition, an anti-religion organization, is calling the largest tax hike in Kansas state history “a success,” according to…

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