May 18, 2024

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Tag: climate change

Prominent scientists balk at climate change narrative

For years the refrain has been “the science is settled,” never mind that actual science is never settled — but…

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AEA: 100 ways Biden administration impairs gas and oil production

The Biden administration disavows any responsibility for record-high gasoline prices, but the  American Energy Alliance (AEA) has published “100 Ways…

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Tracking resident, business carbon footprint raises privacy issue

Prairie Village residents and businesses can monitor their own and their neighbor’s alleged carbon footprint on the city website, and…

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Biden $3.5 trillion boondoggle slaps methane tax on oil and gas producers

If the Biden administration and the progressive caucus have their way on what the Wall Street Journal calls the $3.5…

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Eagle reporter fails objectivity test in story about earthquakes

The Wichita Eagle reporter tasked with taking an allegedly unbiased look at climate change has once again allowed her biases…

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Wichita Eagle climate change reporter fails objectivity test

In December of last year, the Sentinel raised concerns about the objectivity of a new climate change reporting position for…

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Report for America grant raises objectivity concerns for Wichita Eagle

Two more full-time reporters will be coming to Kansas as part of the Report for America Grant program, but the…

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First Time Ever, Dorothy, A Year With No Violent Tornadoes in US

“We’re now days away from this becoming the first year in the modern record with no violent tornadoes touching down…

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19 Straight Days of Below Normal Temps in KC, At Least 14 More Projected

The below normal streak began on July 26 when Kansas City recorded a high temperature of 84 degrees, 6 degrees…

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