December 6, 2023

Keeping Media and Government Accountable.

Tag: cash reserves

Leavenworth supers want more money, higher property tax, no accountability

The 2024 legislative agenda that Leavenworth County superintendents are proposing for adoption by their school boards is loaded with demands…

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Newspapers deny reality on CRT, achievement to push status quo in school board races

Videos, teacher training materials, and even school teacher testimony shows the tenets of critical race theory (CRT) are embedded in…

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KASB hits new low, trying to explain away achievement declines

A new flyer from the Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) would be right at home as satire at The…

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USD 453 budget video makes deceptive property tax claims

New Leavenworth Superintendent Dr. Kellen Adams posted a recent video to justify the proposal for USD 453 to exceed the…

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Blue Valley ransom note to parents: pay up or else

Just when you think education officials’ money worship cannot be more depraved, an elementary school principal sends parents what amounts…

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Hutch District Sitting on Large Cash Reserve Balance

The Hutchinson School District, a plaintiff in the Gannon lawsuit, is maintaining cash reserves of almost half of the district…

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School Districts Sitting on Record Amounts of Cash Reserves

Kansas school districts are sitting on record reserves. According to the Kansas State Department of Education, public schools are sitting…

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